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Topic: folklore problems

view this post on Zulip Miroslav Olšák (Oct 02 2019 at 14:07):

  1. Folklore problems
    I recieved a set of "folklore problems" from another friend of mine who is also involved in the IMO. They are well known puzzles easier than IMO but in a similar language. Some of them are perhaps too easy to calculate, some may be even challenging to formulate, some are of the type that I really doubt that the current automation tools could solve them. Perhaps other people here have other favourite basic mathematical puzzle problems. Should I share the list (I would have to translate it to English first)? Are we interested in formalizing olympiad-like mathematical puzzles not necessarily coming from IMO?

view this post on Zulip Miroslav Olšák (Oct 03 2019 at 13:43):

Miroslav Olšák There are many sources of problems that I think would provide valuable data for IMO, e.g. problems from national Olympiads. It is hard to say without knowing more whether your folklore list is worth the trouble of you translating it to English.

OK, I think I will translate them anyway, it seems useful in general.

view this post on Zulip Miroslav Olšák (Oct 23 2019 at 10:34):

Here are the folklore problems that I mentioned: http://www.olsak.net/mirek/folklore-problems.pdf , source: http://www.olsak.net/mirek/folklore-problems-src.tgz

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