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Topic: Current approach documentation request

Rishon Fernandes (Dec 09 2023 at 14:13):

Hey guys
I'm a newbie here and the IMO grand challenge really excites me. I have no clue what the community's current efforts towards theorem proving AI are. I would really appreciate it if someone could take the time to hook up some documentation explaining what our approach towards the problem is and what we're working on.
Thank you

Jason Rute (Dec 09 2023 at 14:22):

There is a tutorial at Neurips on Monday. I don’t know how much will be recorded. I don’t know your background, but here is a talk I gave last year, but I also feel the field is moving fast so it only covers a slightly older approach (which is still probably SoTA, but it is not clear).

Rishon Fernandes (Dec 09 2023 at 14:26):


Jason Rute (Dec 09 2023 at 14:27):

Tony’s talk in the same workshop covers a more modern approach more heavily relying on LLMs.

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