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Stream: Machine Learning for Theorem Proving

Topic: OCR to LaTeX

Heather Macbeth (Apr 10 2023 at 18:12):

This is machine learning for math rather than machine learning for theorem proving, but I imagine the readership of this stream will be well-informed: what are the best tools currently available for the task of converting an image of handwritten text to LaTeX? Is there a way to create a pipeline in which a first approximation is compiled to DVI/PDF and then compared optically with the original image for feedback and adjustment?

Newell Jensen (Apr 10 2023 at 18:30):

I have used https://mathpix.com/image-to-latex in the past, worked fairly well.

Newell Jensen (Apr 10 2023 at 18:31):

Definitely saves a bunch of time even though it might not get it right 100% of the time.

Heather Macbeth (Apr 10 2023 at 18:36):

Interesting, I'll try it. Is there anything public about how it works?

Newell Jensen (Apr 10 2023 at 18:55):

Not sure, didn't look into it but others here may know more.

Siddhartha Gadgil (Apr 11 2023 at 01:40):

Mathpix seems to work well.

Zhangir Azerbayev (Apr 11 2023 at 21:20):

There is also this open source project: pix2tex. It's a vision transformer trained on wikipedia, arxiv, and the im2latex-100k dataset.

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