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Topic: Other places discussing neural theorem proving

Tom Chen (Nov 24 2022 at 14:46):

@Albert Jiang @Jason Rute Hi thanks for the reply! I mean ML for theorem proving (since I am interested in this topic the most). But if Twitter has discussions including theorem proving I am also willing to have a look. Could you please share some accounts (if I understand correctly) that I should follow? Thanks!

Jason Rute (Nov 24 2022 at 14:46):

Let's make a new topic Tom.

Tom Chen (Nov 24 2022 at 14:47):

Previous messages: https://leanprover.zulipchat.com/#narrow/stream/219941-Machine-Learning-for-Theorem-Proving/topic/Meta.20IMO.20result/near/312030898 etc

Notification Bot (Nov 24 2022 at 14:48):

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Tom Chen (Nov 24 2022 at 14:49):

(Hope I make the move correct, really new to Zulip)

Jason Rute (Nov 24 2022 at 14:55):

Here are some twitter accounts of ML researchers working on theorem proving. I'm sure there are more I don't know about or forgot to add.

Jason Rute (Nov 24 2022 at 14:55):

Most (but not all) are also here.

Jason Rute (Nov 24 2022 at 14:55):

Please add more if anyone knows more.

Tom Chen (Nov 24 2022 at 14:55):

Thank you so much! Followed them :)

Albert Jiang (Nov 24 2022 at 14:59):

Thanks for listing me there! Are you on Twitter at all Jason?

Tom Chen (Nov 24 2022 at 15:01):

+1 want to follow you as well

Jason Rute (Nov 24 2022 at 15:01):

I have an account, which I guess I'll list

But currently there are no tweets. I'll likely advertise papers and such, but twitter also scares me. :grimacing: So easy to get into a flame war in front of thousands of people.

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