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Topic: A help stream

Bolton Bailey (Apr 16 2021 at 03:03):

I sometimes wonder which zulip stream I should go to when I get stuck on a project and need assistance. #new members doesn't feel quite right, since it's described more as a place for new people to introduce themselves, and I've been around a few months. #general feels too nonspecific. Should we consider adding a "help" stream for this kind of thing?

Bryan Gin-ge Chen (Apr 16 2021 at 03:13):

Up to now, we've been using #new members for "newbie" questions (the description of the stream does currently include "onboarding") and #general for more advanced questions that don't fit in #maths or #Is there code for X?. Admittedly, the division between these streams is not very sharp, but I don't think it has to be either.

Johan Commelin (Apr 16 2021 at 03:46):

@Bolton Bailey When in doubt, just use general or new members.

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