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Topic: CSS settings

Patrick Massot (Jul 17 2023 at 22:05):

Since we are discussing Zulip issues, is there a setting which brings back old Zulip CSS? There have been lots of changes fairly recently and basically I'd be happy to revert all of them. The most important things would be to get back the much stronger background color difference between private messages and public ones, but getting back a more visible indicator of unread messages as a left border would also be nice.

Karl Stolley (Jul 18 2023 at 13:33):

Hi Patrick! There's no way to do that, no. We're in the midst of an ongoing redesign, and I'd encourage you or anyone else to share this with the project on our feedback stream

Patrick Massot (Jul 18 2023 at 21:08):

Thanks I added a message to what seemed to be the relevant topic here.

Karl Stolley (Jul 18 2023 at 21:15):

Thanks, Patrick! We appreciate your taking the time to provide that feedback.

Last updated: Dec 20 2023 at 11:08 UTC