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Topic: Editor specific stream

Calvin Lee (Feb 01 2023 at 14:40):

I've been thinking about the utility of a stream for editor support, especially for non-standard (i.e. non-vscode) editors.
I know that some of us use nonstandard editors, e.g. Sebastian Ullrich uses emacs and I use neovim.
Coordinating support for these isn't really easy and often has to deal with different subjects, so it might warrant its own stream.

Each editor could get its own stream, but I think it'd be nice just to have one, with different topics referencing the editor.

An argument against this would be that users could just discuss editor support off of the Lean zulip, since it's not really supported. i.e. discussions should be done on the editor support plugin's github.

Eric Wieser (Feb 01 2023 at 15:00):

I think questions about editors are fair game in #general or #new members (depending on whether they're feature requests or installation problems)

Calvin Lee (Feb 01 2023 at 15:05):

right, I think both of these work well for vscode, since the majority of users know it pretty well (and can help out in #new members, or give references if they see it in #general)
but since #general is high-traffic I don't know if it'd be good for obscure use-cases like this, where only a few members are interested
and #new members wouldn't be great for technical questions/new directions

Julian Berman (Feb 12 2023 at 16:49):

(I have no opinion on the original suggestion, but am happy to be pinged on any neovim threads even though I haven't had any Lean time the past few months.)

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