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Topic: Is it possible to like just part of a reply?

Eric Taucher (Jan 22 2022 at 08:29):

In this reply

Martin Dvořák said:

I stumbled across: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1803.01466v1.pdf

Has it been discussed here before? It is not precisely what Kevin Buzzard used to do in his freshmen class on mathematical proving. This is for students of Computer Science, not Math; and it is using Coq, not Lean. Still, it might be a valuable input about the educational potential of Lean.

if I try to add an emoji for just the first line it automatically defaults to selecting the entire reply.

Is there a way to add the emoji to just the part with the pdf?

Patrick Massot (Jan 22 2022 at 09:39):

No, it's not possible.

Patrick Massot (Jan 22 2022 at 09:39):

Actually I often break up my messages to allow people to react to individual pieces. I just did it with this message.

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