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Topic: Keyboard shortcut for :+1:

Mario Carneiro (May 30 2021 at 19:06):

I've been wondering how gabriel manages to +1 my posts so quickly, so I took a look at the keyboard shortcuts, and it turns out that + puts a :+1: on the selected post

Adam Topaz (May 30 2021 at 19:40):

What's the shortcut for :octopus: ?

Johan Commelin (May 30 2021 at 23:24):

@Mario Carneiro If I had know that you didn't know this until now, I would have told you two years ago :stuck_out_tongue_wink:

Mario Carneiro (May 31 2021 at 07:26):

@Adam Topaz : brings up the emoji menu, so :o<enter> seems to work

Sebastian Ullrich (May 31 2021 at 07:53):

Hah, good that - does something entirely different. Could also be useful though.

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