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Topic: LaTeX macros

Kevin Buzzard (May 27 2021 at 08:11):

(Woohoo -- my recent attempts to get my github notifications sorted so that they're meaningful and hence worth reading is paying off.)

Zulip is thinking about LaTeX macros and asking for user input on how this might look. I personally could imagine some site-wide macro file where \Q:=\mathbb{Q} and \C:=\mathbb{C} are defined (those are the two I miss the most) however I once wrote a joint paper where my co-author inserted the following 861 lines at the beginning of our LaTeX file (these lines are at the top of every paper they write, apparently). I have some memory that @Patrick Massot thinks this is a terrible design decision though. Do we as a community have any thoughts that we want to feed back to Zulip?

Eric Wieser (May 27 2021 at 08:19):

It would be cool if zulip let these be set as user preferences and expanded the macros when the message is sent

Eric Wieser (May 27 2021 at 08:23):

Ah, I see a per-user file was one of the suggestions

Floris van Doorn (May 28 2021 at 01:51):

I think the following would be most flexible: A default set of macros set by the community, but this default can be overridden by each user individually.
Though just a community file (without personal customization) should also be fine.

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