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Abhigyan (Jul 11 2021 at 16:14):

Hey folks, Long time ago Jakob and had shared it here. I have been using it since then on the Desktop App and .
I have made an extension that tweaks the Zulip UI to appear more modern and it feels really beautiful and good to use to me. You can check out the extension here if you want to try it out - https://github.com/abhigyank/Prettier-Zulip .
You can also install it via Edge Store and Firefox Store .

Abhigyan (Jul 11 2021 at 16:14):

If you have the extension installed you can enjoy the UI on your web-browser. Do try it out, and I would love to have your feedback here.

Eric Wieser (Jul 11 2021 at 16:23):

Zulip is open source; have you considered contributing your style tweaks upstream and getting feedback from the Zulip maintainers?

Abhigyan (Jul 11 2021 at 17:14):

It isn't very easy to have consensus on designs as a non-core member. The Zulip team is trying to work on improving its style and design, but in a different way then the tweaks in the extension. It is much convenient and time-saving to just use the extension and do tweaks on top of it based on feedback.

Abhigyan (Jul 11 2021 at 17:19):

For instance, you'd see that a major change in the style in this is that it removes the dark blue box on the message (which I feel is essential to have a modern style vibe). Based on design disucussions I have seen in the dev zulip, a lot of core team and some other users do prefer having the blue box and don't want to move away from it. So I feel there it's always going to be difficult for non maintainers to drive design changes at scale.

Eric Wieser (Jul 12 2021 at 14:49):

(for reference, this was posted on the Zulip meta server here: https://chat.zulip.org/#narrow/stream/2-general/topic/Zulip.20.28Prettier.3F.29.20UI.20Extension/near/1125571)

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