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Topic: Refer to topic from mobile?

Thomas Murrills (Nov 19 2023 at 20:50):

This past week I was on mobile only, and found myself having to manually copy links to topics in order to link them instead of using #…>… syntax.

When I type # followed by a letter on mobile, streams pop up. When I tap on one of those streams, I get e.g. #**mathlib4** (note the space). I’d expect that then writing >N, for example, might bring up the “Naming convention” topic in the mathlib4 stream, but no pop-up appears at all. Deleting the space and then typing > doesn’t work either.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a manual workaround besides copying the link to the topic? (I’m on iOS.)

Alya Abbott (Nov 20 2023 at 19:17):

Unfortunately, this feature is not currently available in the mobile app. https://github.com/zulip/zulip-mobile/issues/5340

If you manually type in the Markdown syntax (see here), the link will work just fine.

Last updated: Dec 20 2023 at 11:08 UTC