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Topic: Test: move topic by Edit / by a newcomer

Junyan Xu (Aug 14 2022 at 01:11):

And in a topic I created in another stream https://leanprover.zulipchat.com/#narrow/stream/113488-general/topic/subsingleton.20instance.20makes.20a.20structure.20timeout/near/293309200
(by the way do you have an idea what structure declaration has to do with subsingleton instance?)

Junyan Xu (inactive) (Aug 14 2022 at 01:28):

another account

Alya Abbott (Aug 22 2022 at 23:38):

The permissions for renaming topics are a bit complicated; they will be easier to understand after https://github.com/zulip/zulip/issues/21739 has been completed.

Alya Abbott (Aug 22 2022 at 23:40):

Junyan Xu said:

Only moderators have the fine control to the level of individual messages, apparently.

There are organization settings to control who has full permissions for renaming and moving topics.

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