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Topic: Weird emoji

Eric Wieser (Apr 27 2022 at 09:05):

For me,:yellow_large_square: and :green_large_square: render almost as copyright symbols: :yellow_large_square:, :green_large_square:

Did someone copyright colored squares?

Eric Wieser (Apr 27 2022 at 09:06):


Johan Commelin (Apr 27 2022 at 09:06):

For me they show what it says on the tin: a yellow square and a green one.

Anne Baanen (Apr 27 2022 at 09:07):

Looks like it's the first entry of the blobmoji sprite sheet, so maybe it's like a fallback for missing emoji?

Mario Carneiro (Apr 27 2022 at 09:14):

I also see the copyright symbols (on Ubuntu/FF)

Mario Carneiro (Apr 27 2022 at 09:17):

testing with a different emoji: :smile: :sad: :yellow_large_square: :green_large_square:

Mario Carneiro (Apr 27 2022 at 09:25):

It looks like the source of the issue is a webpacked file called google-blob-sprite.css, which contains:

.emoji-2639 { /* :sad: */
  background-position: 2.083% 33.333%;
.emoji-1f642 { /* :smile: */
  background-position: 50.000% 2.083%;

but doesn't have anything for .emoji-1f7e8 and .emoji-1f7e9 so it inherits the default background-position, which causes it to pull the top left sprite from the sheet like Anne suggests. I don't know where google-blob-sprite.css is being sourced from

Eric Wieser (Apr 27 2022 at 09:28):

Do we report this upstream, or assume a Zulip employee will just find this discussion?

Kevin Buzzard (Apr 27 2022 at 13:30):

(It's fine on my Android btw)

Kevin Buzzard (Apr 27 2022 at 13:31):

(but my Android has other font problems with some Unicode math symbols eg subscript numbers sometimes fail)

Alya Abbott (Apr 27 2022 at 15:54):

For those of you who are seeing the copyright symbol, are you using the Google Classic emoji set? If so, I think that's https://github.com/zulip/zulip/issues/21244.

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