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Topic: Zulip icon

Thomas Murrills (Sep 26 2022 at 22:17):

I noticed that the icon for the Zulip server doesn't quite fit in the box.

I happen to have made a square-ish icon for Lean for my own personal use in my organizer—it's a small thing, but I just thought I may as well offer it for use here as well in case it's useful! :)

(I thickened the lines so it would be legible at even smaller sizes than this, but making an SVG from scratch could provide the "right" thickness.)


Mario Carneiro (Sep 26 2022 at 22:35):

what is that icon coming from? I've never seen it

Mario Carneiro (Sep 26 2022 at 22:36):

I mean, I've seen the logo but not the icon or its context

Thomas Murrills (Sep 26 2022 at 22:38):

The first icon or the second?

Thomas Murrills (Sep 26 2022 at 22:41):

(The first appears in the sidebar of the zulip desktop app...but now that I think about it, I'm not sure I see the organization profile picture anywhere else in general! It appears also in "organization settings", but doesn't say what it's used for. The second I made, since I couldn't find a square icon for Lean and needed one for my organizer.)

Thomas Murrills (Sep 26 2022 at 22:47):

(Ah, the organization profile picture also seems to be shown to people when they first log in or sign up for the lean zulip chat. It's still cropped to a square, but is a bit bigger. So a more "official-looking" icon might be in order...after all, my icon is intended for tiny use. :) )

Mario Carneiro (Sep 26 2022 at 22:59):

There are a few square icons for lean used on this chat: :lean: :leanie:

Thomas Murrills (Sep 26 2022 at 23:08):

Oh, good to know! Maybe one of them would make a good organization profile picture, then, or might be useful for me in my organizer! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: (I made the square icon before I joined the zulip, and shared before I even knew there were custom emojis :upside_down:)

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