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Topic: search -> "unable to connect to Zulip"

Kevin Buzzard (Dec 08 2021 at 20:03):

Has anyone else experienced this recently? When I use the (ubuntu) Zulip app search facility, I often get an "unable to connect to Zulip" error, even though my internet connection is stable and fine, and Zulip works fine when not searching. I'm wondering whether this particular site has got so big that searching is taking too long and something is timing out.

Johan Commelin (Dec 08 2021 at 20:12):

yeah, I think I've also noticed that. By since I'm in Germany, I always thought it was my internet connection that was flaky.

Eric Rodriguez (Dec 08 2021 at 20:31):

zulip's been pretty slow for me in general lately

Rob Lewis (Dec 08 2021 at 20:33):

chat.zulip.org has more messages than we do and way more users, so that's probably not the cause, unless they give themselves better hosting than we get (which is a possibility)

Rob Lewis (Dec 08 2021 at 20:34):

Although interestingly, we have similar numbers of 15-day active users!

Alya Abbott (Dec 10 2021 at 00:27):

Thanks for the reports! We are seeing some slowness in searches in large Zulip Cloud orgs, and will look into how to fix it. We likely will not be able to address this before the holidays, but do post here if it's really causing you trouble.

For anyone who is curious, chat.zulip.org is a totally separate installation from Zulip Cloud, so you may see different performance there even if other parameters are similar.

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