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Topic: syntax highlighting

Adam Topaz (Dec 06 2023 at 13:23):

Did the syntax highlighting colours on zulip change for anyone else recently? Here's what it looks like on my computer, starting today:

Adam Topaz (Dec 06 2023 at 13:27):

Another question: does anyone actually like the new colours?

Eric Wieser (Dec 06 2023 at 13:28):


Heather Macbeth said:

I can give you a proof with an "explicit" witness:

import Mathlib.Tactic.Polyrith
import Mathlib.RingTheory.Int.Basic

open Int hiding gcd gcd_dvd_left gcd_dvd_right

lemma foo {a b c : } (hb : b  0) (h : a * b^2 = c^2) : IsSquare a  := by
  obtain k, hk :  k, b = gcd b c * k := gcd_dvd_left b c
  obtain l, hl :  l, c = gcd b c * l  := gcd_dvd_right b c
  use a * k * gcdB b c + l * gcdA b c
  have hd : gcd b c  0 := fun hd => hb (by simpa [hd] using hk)
  apply mul_right_cancel₀ (pow_ne_zero 2 hd)
  have H : gcd b c = b * gcdA b c + c * gcdB b c := Int.gcd_eq_gcd_ab b c

Eric Wieser (Dec 06 2023 at 13:33):

https://github.com/zulip/zulip/pull/26898 looks like it changed the color scheme, though I don't see much discussion there about why

Adam Topaz (Dec 06 2023 at 13:33):

It's not a huge deal to be fair, but I find the new colours harder to read.

Alex J. Best (Dec 06 2023 at 13:36):

Yeah I'm also not sure if that's just lack of familiarity, it would be nice to get a side by side comparison

Adam Topaz (Dec 06 2023 at 13:37):


Adam Topaz (Dec 06 2023 at 13:38):

The mobile version still uses the old colours

Alex J. Best (Dec 06 2023 at 13:44):

Yeah personally I definitely prefer that, the new highlights seem way too bright and bold for keywords

Eric Wieser (Dec 06 2023 at 13:46):

Odd that the opeartors lost highlights in some place but not others

Alya Abbott (Dec 06 2023 at 16:45):

There's extensive discussion in the Zulip development community thread linked from the PR, if anyone is curious about the background.

Eric Wieser (Dec 06 2023 at 17:29):

Here's the relevant message:
@Greg Price said:

The "default" style looks good to me. Among the dark styles, all of "monokai" and "lightbulb" and "github-dark" look fine, and personally I'd probably choose "lightbulb".

Eric Wieser (Dec 06 2023 at 17:30):

I think probably a lot of people here would have preferred github dark because the code we look at is often on github anyway, but I understand that may not apply to all zulip instances!

Alex J. Best (Dec 06 2023 at 17:59):

It sounds like a more reasonable feature request might therefore be to offer these different highlight themes as options to the user (with a sensible default) then

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