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Topic: thread link not working

Eric Wieser (Jan 15 2023 at 10:09):

The link in this message seems not to work on mobile for me:

@_Notification Bot|100006 said:

16 messages were moved here from #mathlib4 > naming: map_int_cast vs map_natCast vs map_ratCast by Heather Macbeth.

Eric Wieser (Jan 15 2023 at 10:10):

It goes to some blank naming: klzzwxh thread, presumably due to the code blocks?

Alya Abbott (Jan 27 2023 at 17:26):

Thanks for the report @Eric Wieser ! The problem is that backticks in topic names aren't being handled properly. I filed the issue as zulip/zulip#24201; we expect it to be fixed as part of a broader project to change how Zulip does Markdown processing.

Last updated: Dec 20 2023 at 11:08 UTC