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Joachim Breitner (Jan 26 2022 at 21:58):

I'm relatively new to zulip, and I feel a need for a view with all topics that I contributed to (or, ideally, otherwise have subscribed to). Does that exist or am I using zulip wrongly if I want that?
(I found the recent topics search with the checkbox to select participated ones, but it only shows topics, not messages.)

Patrick Johnson (Jan 26 2022 at 22:03):

You can enter sender:<email address> in the search bar to see all messages sent by a specific user.

Patrick Johnson (Jan 26 2022 at 22:05):


Bolton Bailey (Jan 26 2022 at 22:14):

You can also mouseover your name on the right-hand side, click the three dots, and select "view messages sent" to get this same view.

Joachim Breitner (Jan 26 2022 at 22:15):

That gives me my messages only, but not all the other messages in the threads I'm following, doesn't it?

Yaël Dillies (Jan 26 2022 at 22:15):

Yeah, but you can click on the messages and jump into the topics.

Patrick Johnson (Jan 26 2022 at 22:18):

Clicking on the title of the topic will open the topic page showing all the messages.

Joachim Breitner (Jan 26 2022 at 22:19):

Right, but it wouldn't even show what topics have new messages. It's good for finding stuff, but not for following along. https://zulip.com/help/reading-strategies suggests suggests that going via the Recent Topics view is the closest approximation, so I guess that's it then.

Notification Bot (Jan 26 2022 at 22:30):

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Rob Lewis (Jan 26 2022 at 22:30):

I've moved this to our meta-channel and am tagging @Alya Abbott , the Zulip expert who appears here sometimes :smile:

Alya Abbott (Jan 26 2022 at 22:45):

Thanks for the ping! Yes, indeed Recent topics is the recommended approach.

To understand better what you have in mind, is it something along the lines of having a "Participated" filter for the All messages view?

Alya Abbott (Jan 26 2022 at 22:48):

For reference, there's some related discussion under https://github.com/zulip/zulip/issues/12309.

Joachim Breitner (Jan 27 2022 at 10:59):

Yes, precisely!
(Or even better, an explicit notion of “subscribed topic”, automatically subscribing all participating topics, but additionally the ability to subscribe without posting, and to unsubscribe)

Joachim Breitner (Jan 27 2022 at 11:01):

I've subscribed the issue you linked to. Which has a certain amount of irony to it :-)

Johan Commelin (Jan 27 2022 at 11:37):

@Joachim Breitner Note that there is already the notion of "muted topic".

Sebastian Ullrich (Jan 27 2022 at 12:15):

Unfortunately topics in a muted stream are unmuted by default (and can individually be muted once more, which will hide them from the non-expanded topic list). So there is no practical way to use muting for following only a few topics in a busy stream.

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