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Topic: Best practices for codewars hints

view this post on Zulip ROCKY KAMEN-RUBIO (May 12 2020 at 18:07):

I've been Leaning for a few months, and don't have an extensive background in type theory or functional programming. I've really enjoyed the codewars platform so far, but I've found that I often get stuck on a codewars problem, spend a long time going through API, finally get to an incredibly messy solution, and then realize there was a tactic or theorem in a different file that I didn't know about that made the whole process a lot easier. What should be the standard procedure for getting hints for problems? I know some platforms have a system where you can sacrifice a fraction of your total score by getting a hint. I feel like just being told "try using this tactic" would be very helpful on a lot of kata. There's definitely some value in slogging through the mathlib API, it just isn't always fun, and sometimes I spend a LONG time solving an unrelated subgoal that could have been resolved in one line. I've heard various opinions about how Zulip should be used for codewars problems too. Thoughts?

view this post on Zulip Donald Sebastian Leung (May 13 2020 at 02:37):

IMO it should be fine to ask for general hints and tips on this Zulip stream and / or the Discourse of the kata concerned, we can give you hints and general directions as long as it does not immediately spoil the full solution.

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