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Alexis Leroux-Lapierre (Dec 07 2022 at 19:47):

Hi all, my name is Alexis Leroux-Lapierre and I am currently working with two other students (one being @Jérémie Turcotte ) on adding some elementary propositions to the graph theory library. Currently, I've worked on the files connectivity and acyclic.

My first goal was to prove the so-called "forest theorem" which states that for a finite acyclic graph G=(V,E), the number of connected components of G is equal to |V|-|E|. I've read and tried to follow the guidelines and I think my code would be ready to be reviewed. I've already been given write access to the github. I'll follow Scott Morrissons's tutorial to make a pr and I'll first try to add a couple of useful lemmas to the connectivity file before adding content to the acyclic file. Hopefully you enjoy what I came up with!

If there's anything I'm not doing the right way, don't hesitate to tell me. I'm fairly new to this.


Alexis Leroux-Lapierre (Dec 07 2022 at 23:08):

Quick question : My work on connectivity and acyclic depends highly on Jérémie's last pr (#17654). Can anyone confirm that I should wait for this pr to be merged before trying to pr anything myself? Or is there any magical github procedure that I can do? Again, I'm not a github wizard, so sorry if this sounds like a weird question.

Kevin Buzzard (Dec 07 2022 at 23:29):

You can make a new branch from the PR's branch and hack away happily and even PR your work, although it can't be merged until the previous PR is merged.

Kyle Miller (Dec 08 2022 at 04:54):

Go ahead and make a PR. You can mark in the PR description that it depends on another one (this is mostly informational, but there's a bot that sends a message once a dependency is merged).

You can add me as a reviewer. (I'm on vacation for the next week or so though :palm_tree:)

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