Remark: in the paper "Counting Immutable Beans" the concepts of free and live variables coincide because the paper does not consider join points. For example, consider the function body B

let x := ctor_0;
jmp block_1 x

in a context where we have the join point block_1 defined as

block_1 (x : obj) : obj :=
let z := ctor_0 x y;
ret z

The variable y is live in the function body B since it occurs in block_1 which is "invoked" by B.

abbrev Lean.IR.IsLive.M (α : Type) :

We use State Context instead of ReaderT Context Id because we remove non local joint points from Context whenever we visit them instead of maintaining a set of visited non local join points.

Remark: we don't need to track local join points because we assume there is no variable or join point shadowing in our IR.


Return true if x is live in the function body b in the context ctx.

Remark: the context only needs to contain all (free) join point declarations.

Recall that we say that a join point j is free in b if b contains j ys and j is not local.

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