Workaround for changes in universe unification #

Universe inequalities in Mathlib 3 are expressed through use of max u v. Unfortunately, this leads to unbound universes which cannot be solved for during unification, eg max u v =?= max v ?. The current solution is to wrap Type max u v (and other concrete categories) in TypeMax.{u,v} to expose both universe parameters directly.

See also!4.233463.20universe.20constraint.20issues

Note: we mark it as to_additive so that to_additive doesn't think that types involving this cannot be additivized. This is just to help with the heuristic to_additive uses, and doesn't indicate that TypeMax has any algebraic operations associated to it.

@[reducible, inline]
abbrev TypeMax :
Type ((max u v) + 1)

An alias for Type max u v, to deal around unification issues.

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