A monad for tracking and deduplicating atoms #

This monad is used by tactics like ring and abel to keep uninterpreted atoms in a consistent order, and also to allow unifying atoms up to a specified transparency mode.

The context (read-only state) of the AtomM monad.

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    • The list of atoms-up-to-defeq encountered thus far, used for atom sorting.

    The mutable state of the AtomM monad.

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      @[inline, reducible]

      The monad that ring works in. This is only used for collecting atoms.

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        def {α : Type} (red : Lean.Meta.TransparencyMode) (m : Mathlib.Tactic.AtomM α) (evalAtom : optParam (Lean.ExprLean.MetaM Lean.Meta.Simp.Result) fun e => pure { expr := e, proof? := none, dischargeDepth := 0 }) :

        Run a computation in the AtomM monad.

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          Get the index corresponding to an atomic expression, if it has already been encountered, or put it in the list of atoms and return the new index, otherwise.

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