recall command #

The recall command redeclares a previous definition for illustrative purposes. This can be useful for files that give an expository account of some theory in Lean.

The syntax of the command mirrors def, so all the usual bells and whistles work.

recall List.cons_append (a : α) (as bs : List α) : (a :: as) ++ bs = a :: (as ++ bs) := rfl

Also, one can leave out the body.

recall Nat.add_comm (n m : Nat) : n + m = m + n

The command verifies that the new definition type-checks and that the type and value provided are definitionally equal to the original declaration. However, this does not capture some details (like binders), so the following works without error.

recall Nat.add_comm {n m : Nat} : n + m = m + n
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