How to install Lean 4 on Debian/Ubuntu #

This document explains how to get started with Lean and mathlib if you are using a Linux distribution derived from Debian (Debian itself, Ubuntu, LMDE,...).

If you get stuck, please come to the chat room to ask for assistance.

Here we will discuss the fast way, assuming a lot of trust from you. It will install Lean, with supporting tools elan and lake, as well as the code editor VS Code and its Lean plugin, and other dependencies you probably already have, like curl and git. If you don't like this method, there is a detailed webpage which will decompose the process into described stages, and won't ask for a blind sudo.

The fast way is: open a terminal and type:

wget -q && bash ; rm -f && source ~/.profile

Lean Projects #

You can now read instructions about creating and working on Lean projects