Community teams #

Several teams of community members have designated responsibilities.

Admin team

The admin team oversees the activities of the Lean community organization and in particular the mathlib project. It is responsible for ensuring the mathlib project continues to reflect the general views and interests of the Lean/mathlib community.

Maintainer team

The mathlib maintainers have the power to approve changes and additions to mathlib. This team is responsible for the global design of mathlib, and it aims to maintain the library's coherence and keep its parts well integrated.

Mathlib reviewers

The mathlib reviewer team helps the mathlib maintainers with the daily reviewing of PRs to mathlib. This team consists of experienced community members that have displayed quality in their contributions and reviews.

Continuous integration

In charge of Azure, bors administration, continuous integration virtual machines root access, GitHub actions on various projects of the Lean user community.

Code of conduct

This team handles incident reports and maintains community standards.


The website/blog team is responsible for the technical infrastructure that keeps the community website running. This also includes the community blog and the auto-generated documentation of mathlib.