Get started with Lean #

There are many options if you want to start using Lean, depending on how seriously you want to try.

Just a quick glance #

Lean can run in a web browser thanks to WebAssembly. Of course, the performance is nowhere near that of a regular install. This is still a good option if you want to know what Lean looks like, and have only 10 minutes to spare. For instance, you can read your first proofs. You need to wait for the orange bar at the top to turn green and say "Lean is ready!". Then you can click anywhere inside begin and end pairs to see the state of proofs evolving.

If this is too passive for you, and you have a bit more time, you can start playing The Natural Number Game, which also relies on Lean running in your web browser. Beware that some Lean commands are voluntarily rendered less efficient in this game for pedagogical purposes.

You can also use Lean on CoCalc.

Maybe a couple of nights #

If you are more serious about trying Lean, or can't stand waiting for your web browser, but don't want to start installing too many things, then you can try one of our autonomous bundles for:

Each of these bundles contains a folder trylean from which you can run the program trylean without installing anything anywhere else on your computer (although MacOS users will need to tell their system they really want to run it). On Windows this is a batch file, and there will be a Microsoft Defender warning when running it. To allow the batch file to execute, click on "More Info" then "Run anyway". These bundles contain Lean itself, VScodium which is a distributable version of the VS Code editor, the Lean VS Code extension, the mathlib library, and a couple of Lean files to play with.

The downside is you won't be able to create your own projects or easily upgrade Lean and mathlib. You'll need a regular install for this.

Regular install #

In order to enjoy the full Lean experience, you need to install a couple of dependencies, including a python package providing user-friendly supporting tools. This is not much longer that installing an autonomous bundle, but it does spread a bit more in your computer. You can read explanations about how the various parts fit together if you are curious. But this is not necessary. You can head straight to installation instructions for your OS: Debian/Ubuntu, Other linux, MacOS, or Windows.

After this installation procedure, it is crucial to read how to start or get a Lean project. And of course you'll probably want to learn Lean!