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Study of face maps for the Dold-Kan correspondence #

THIS FILE IS SYNCHRONIZED WITH MATHLIB4. Any changes to this file require a corresponding PR to mathlib4.

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In this file, we obtain the technical lemmas that are used in the file projections.lean in order to get basic properties of the endomorphisms P q : K[X] ⟶ K[X] with respect to face maps (see homotopies.lean for the role of these endomorphisms in the overall strategy of proof).

The main lemma in this file is higher_faces_vanish.induction. It is based on two technical lemmas higher_faces_vanish.comp_Hσ_eq and higher_faces_vanish.comp_Hσ_eq_zero.

(See equivalence.lean for the general strategy of proof of the Dold-Kan equivalence.)

A morphism φ : Y ⟶ X _[n+1] satisfies higher_faces_vanish q φ when the compositions φ ≫ X.δ j are 0 for j ≥ max 1 (n+2-q). When q ≤ n+1, it basically means that the composition φ ≫ X.δ j are 0 for the q highest possible values of a nonzero j. Otherwise, when q ≥ n+2, all the compositions φ ≫ X.δ j for nonzero j vanish. See also the lemma comp_P_eq_self_iff in projections.lean which states that higher_faces_vanish q φ is equivalent to the identity φ ≫ (P q).f (n+1) = φ.