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core / init.meta.widget.tactic_component

meta def (π α : Type) :

A component that implicitly depends on tactic_state. For efficiency we always assume that the tactic_state is unchanged between component renderings.

Instances for
meta def {π α : Type} :
widget.component π α π α
meta def {π α β : Type} (f : α β) : π α π β
meta def {π ρ α : Type} (f : π ρ) : ρ α π α
meta def {π α : Type} [decidable_eq π] (β σ : Type) (init : π tactic σ) (update : π σ β tactic × option α)) (view : π σ tactic (list (widget.html β))) : π α

Make a tactic component from some init, update, views which are expecting a tactic. The tactic_state never mutates.

meta def {π α : Type} [decidable_eq π] (view : π tactic (list (widget.html α))) : π α
meta def {π α : Type} : π α π tactic (widget.html α)
meta def {α : Type} : unit α widget.component tactic_state α
@[protected, instance]
meta def {π α : Type} :
has_coe_to_fun ( π α) (λ (x : π α), π tactic (widget.html α))