mathlib3 documentation

meta inductive  :

The shadow syntax for arithmetic terms. All constants are reified to cst (e.g., -5 is reified to cst -5) and all other atomic terms are reified to exp (e.g., -5 * (gcd 14 -7) is reified to exp -5 \(gcd 14 -7)).expaccepts a coefficient of typeint` as its first argument because multiplication by constant is allowed by the omega test.

inductive  :

Similar to exprterm, except that all exprs are now replaced with de Brujin indices of type nat. This is akin to generalizing over the terms represented by the said exprs.

Instances for

Fresh de Brujin index not used by any variable in argument


Return a term (which is in canonical form by definition) that is equivalent to the input preterm