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list_unused_decls #

#list_unused_decls is a command used for theory development. When writing a new theory one often tries multiple variations of the same definitions: foo, foo', foo₂, foo₃, etc. Once the main definition or theorem has been written, it's time to clean up and the file can contain a lot of dead code. Mark the main declarations with @[main_declaration] and #list_unused_decls will show the declarations in the file that are not needed to define the main declarations.

Some of the so-called "unused" declarations may turn out to be useful after all. The oversight can be corrected by marking those as @[main_declaration]. #list_unused_decls will revise the list of unused declarations. By default, the list of unused declarations will not include any dependency of the main declarations.

The @[main_declaration] attribute should be removed before submitting code to mathlib as it is merely a tool for cleaning up a module.

Attribute main_declaration is used to mark declarations that are featured in the current file. Then, the #list_unused_decls command can be used to list the declaration present in the file that are not used by the main declarations of the file.

In the current file, list all the declaration that are not marked as @[main_declaration] and that are not referenced by such declarations

expecting a string literal (e.g. "src/tactic/find_unused.lean")

meta def tactic.unused_decls_cmd (_x : interactive.parse ( "#list_unused_decls")) :

The command #list_unused_decls lists the declarations that that are not used the main features of the present file. The main features of a file are taken as the declaration tagged with @[main_declaration].

A list of files can be given to #list_unused_decls as follows:

#list_unused_decls ["src/tactic/core.lean","src/tactic/interactive.lean"]

They are given in a list that contains file names written as Lean strings. With a list of files, the declarations from all those files in addition to the declarations above #list_unused_decls in the current file will be considered and their interdependencies will be analyzed to see which declarations are unused by declarations marked as @[main_declaration]. The files listed must be imported by the current file. The path of the file names is expected to be relative to the root of the project (i.e. the location of leanpkg.toml when it is present).

Neither #list_unused_decls nor @[main_declaration] should appear in a finished mathlib development.