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Types with a unique term

In this file we define a typeclass unique, which expresses that a type has a unique term. In other words, a type that is inhabited and a subsingleton.

Main declaration

Main statements

Implementation details

The typeclass unique α is implemented as a type, rather than a Prop-valued predicate, for good definitional properties of the default term.

theorem unique.ext_iff {α : Sort u} (x y : unique α) :

theorem unique.ext {α : Sort u} (x y : unique α) :


def fin.unique  :

def unique.inhabited {α : Sort u} [unique α] :

theorem unique.eq_default {α : Sort u} [unique α] (a : α) :
a = default α

theorem unique.default_eq {α : Sort u} [unique α] (a : α) :
default α = a

def unique.subsingleton {α : Sort u} [unique α] :

theorem unique.forall_iff {α : Sort u} [unique α] {p : α → Prop} :
(∀ (a : α), p a) p (default α)

theorem unique.exists_iff {α : Sort u} [unique α] {p : α → Prop} :
Exists p p (default α)

theorem unique.subsingleton_unique' {α : Sort u} (h₁ h₂ : unique α) :
h₁ = h₂

def unique.subsingleton_unique {α : Sort u} :

def' (α : Sort u) [h₁ : inhabited α] [subsingleton α] :

Construct unique from inhabited and subsingleton. Making this an instance would create a loop in the class inheritance graph.

theorem pi.default_def {α : Sort u} {β : α → Sort v} [Π (a : α), inhabited (β a)] :
default (Π (a : α), β a) = λ (a : α), default (β a)

theorem pi.default_apply {α : Sort u} {β : α → Sort v} [Π (a : α), inhabited (β a)] (a : α) :
default (Π (a : α), β a) a = default (β a)

def pi.unique {α : Sort u} {β : α → Sort v} [Π (a : α), unique (β a)] :
unique (Π (a : α), β a)

def function.surjective.unique {α : Sort u} {β : Sort v} {f : α → β} (hf : function.surjective f) [unique α] :

If the domain of a surjective function is a singleton, then the codomain is a singleton as well.

theorem function.injective.subsingleton {α : Sort u} {β : Sort v} {f : α → β} (hf : function.injective f) [subsingleton β] :

If the codomain of an injective function is a subsingleton, then the domain is a subsingleton as well.

def function.injective.unique {α : Sort u} {β : Sort v} {f : α → β} [inhabited α] [subsingleton β] :

If α is inhabited and admits an injective map to a subsingleton type, then α is unique.